Monday, February 1, 2010

tunnel vision

i was recently in the motor city on business when i saw the most beautiful perception of detroit architecture. stepping off the plane i was expecting to see the most beautiful array of american made muscle. instead, i witnessed the most amazingly lit airport walkway. it was so captivating that i had to stop and shoot it for 5,... 10,... 12,.... ok 45 minutes. i shot and i shot and i shot. i shot so much that i was approached by airport security.

its funny; 10 years ago, who would have given a damn about airport security? today we piss in our pants if they look at us too long. anyway, i digress.

i'm sitting down going through sandisks, trying to see if i have one to use for a photoshoot when i run across these shots... the detroit airport. after not looking at this disk for about 3 months, the photos of that airport looked even more amazing. almost like an aged wine. i couldnt help it. i had to break the ultimate photographer's rule. the rule of 1. 1 look 1 photo. 1 shoot 1 shot used. but not this time. i am using all of these photos. in fact, i'm going to use these photos in a 'thought' series i'm going to call tunnel vision. and the coolest thing about them is that they need no touching up. the colors burned in perfectly.

i will contribute my most inner ocd thoughts on photography, modeling, and the industry in this series.